Rubicon Trading Company

We aspire to be a reputable company both locally and globally, recognized as A pioneer in the fields of international trade.
We aim to provide the highest levels of professionalism and quality In all aspects of our business.
High Quality Products
we aims to provide excellent products in a range. A variety of industries such as electrical appliances, computers, and photographic equipment.
Team Work
The company seeks to maintain a highly efficient and professional work team and enhance distinguished management through a qualified work team.
Growth In Markets
Rubicon Company alwyas wants to expand its presence and activity to have Strong presence in local markets and also in international markets.
Gain The Trust
The company aims to gain the trust of its clients and customers and to become. One of the major well-known companies in its field.
Strategic Partnerships
The company seeks to develop strategic partnerships with agents and suppliers A global level to enhance its success in the field of import and export.
Rubicon Trading Company

The Company's
Activities & Objectives

At Rubicon, we always strive to provide our services to the fullest extent to our valued customers, and our ultimate goal is to maintain our customers’ satisfaction.

Cars And Spare Parts Trade
Wholesale Trade In Food Supplies, Meat And Fruits
Trade In Computer Hardware And Software
Home Appliances Trade
Rubicon Trading Company

Business And Operations Management


We provide permanent planning services to companies interested in achieving success Sustainable in the long term. Permanent planning includes analysis of the environment External and internal.


We can provide assistance in multiple areas Such as management consulting, business development, marketing and promotion, and improvement Processes and technologies, staff training and development, etc.


We cooperate with leading companies in the fields Various fields such as information technology, financial consulting, and marketing Electronic, media and publishing, design and creativity, and others.
Rubicon Trading Company

Operations Management Elements

The elements of operations management include a set of concepts and practices aimed at improving efficiency Quality and effectiveness in managing business processes. Among the main elements of operations management are:
  • 1- Process Design

    involves describing and designing all steps of the process from beginning to end, including defining tasks and responsibilities, determining the timeline, and determining the resources required.

  • 2- Organizing Operations

    involves determining how to organize, direct, and coordinate operations, and defining a structure Organization, functions and process flow.

  • 3- Production Planning

    involves determining the quantity of products or services required and planning production Inventory and distribution.

  • 4- Process Control

    involves monitoring and following up on ongoing processes to ensure correct implementation Quality and on time.

  • 5- Performance Analysis

    includes analyzing data, comparing actual performance with target performance, and identifying differences And apply the necessary improvements.

  • 6- Quality Management

    includes setting standards, ensuring quality, and controlling processes to ensure Achieving the highest level of quality.

  • 7- Process Improvement

    involves continuous improvement of processes through performance analysis and application Improvements to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and improve the quality of products or services.

Meet Our Leaders

Highly Experienced Leaders for your business.

Bahgat Al-Hammad
Bahgat Al-Hammad
General Director
Faras Kharesat
Faras Kharesat
Executive Director
Rubicon Trading Company

We Are More Than Trading Company.

Our Message
Rubicon Trading Company
Our Message
We believe in adhering to the highest ethical and professional standards, and we strive to build Enduring relationships with our customers and partners based on integrity and friendship.
Our Vision
Rubicon Trading Company
Our Vision
We look forward to being a reputable company both locally and globally. Recognized as a leader in the fields of international trade. We aim to provide the highest levels of professionalism and quality in all aspects of our business.

We are pleased to receive your calls and inquiries, and our employees will meet your requests and respond to your inquiries. We are also honored to visit you at our company’s main headquarters throughout the week except Friday.